Mirto Politaki since her childhood, as a member of a family with tradition in ceramic art, sought her expression, through the pathways of painting and sculpture.

Since 1997 and for six years, she was working at her brother's workshop with basic object the production of museum replicas.

In 2001, we meet her with a small presentation of handmade ceramic idols museum replicas which were distributed, through her brother's workshop, in various areas of Greece and Cyprus.

Since 2003, at her own workshop "Idols Art", she creates a big variety of idols, of the most important periods of the ancient Greek and Cypriot civilization.

In 2004, she participates in an exhibition in Athens, where the recognition of her work was immediate in commercial and artistic level.

In 2005, she is employed by a public educational institute, to give Ceramics lessons.
In the meantime, she enriches her main collection with unique artistic inspirations, which are exclusively expose in galleries.

In 2006, she is elected as a member of the executive council of the union “Keramon” (friends of Cretan pottery). She also participates in the Festival of Ceramics in Heraklion, demonstrating techniques and informing the visitors. Her creations are among the exhibits of the periodical exhibition of Greek and Cypriot ceramists, promoting the art values in these two countries.

In 2008, she participates in the festival of Ceramics Arts “MAGARIKA 2008” in Margarites village in Rethymnon of Crete and also takes part in a periodical exhibition with a free style modern art's creation. As continuity of her educational activity, she educates students of primary schools in Ceramic Art.

In attempt of expand her communication horizon with people, she is studying the Greek Sign Language.

In 2011 the "Idols Art" workshop begins collaboration with the Historical Museum of Crete, as one of the main suppliers of its shop, reproducing creations inspired by the museum exhibits.

With respect to the cultural heritage of our ancestors and with goodwill to
spread the Ceramic Art to more people, she promises to continue her long journey to Art and Creation.